Thursday, October 10, 2013

Birds of Kenya, California, Arctic and France!

These Guillemots share a narrow place on the cliff in the Arctic
but they can rest on any iceberg
2 Arctic Terns (Sternes) with different colors of bill rest in California
 court a female in the Arctic

they fly the head down to see fish
This Crested Grebe (Grebe Huppe) fished a crayfish(Ecrevisse) in the lake of Annecy
It is different from this Western Grebe couple in Berkeley
A happy Cormorant caught a fish at the Berkeley Marina
A Black Crowned Heron (Bihoreau a couronne noire) rests by the Oakland lake
Humming birds (Colibris)...
enjoy the flowers of our garden in Berkeley
Malachite Kingfisher (Martin Pecheur Huppe) one of the smallest:6"or 15cm
Landing of a Ruppell's Griffon Vulture  on a tree
The Lilac Breasted Roller (Rollier a long brins)
a beautiful Martial Eagle...
flies away
This Cinnamon Chested Bee Eater(Guepier Montagnard) holds in his bill a bee it has killed by banging its head
It has to squeeze the venom out and remove the stinger(dard) before eating it
The Crested Hoopoe (?)
The majestic Crowned Crane (Grue Couronnee)
a Snake Eagle (Circaete brun)with yellow eyes..
flies away when we stop
a Black Headed Heron takes off
a Hadada Ibis
a Superb Starling(Choucador supreme)
These Parrots(Perroquets) eat undisturbed
a" Haute Couture" presentation of the Vulturine Guinea fowl"(Pintade vulturine)"
under a flying Yellow Bill Stork(Cigogne)
The Somalia male Ostrich...
contrasts with the Pygme Falcon (Fauconnet d'Afrique) ready to eat the lizard it just killed

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